SMS Messaging Service

Nothing is better and cheaper than being able to send a text message to your customers about your services.  According to research, the open rate for email is about 18% while the open rate for SMS texting messages is 98%. Our software allows you to import your contacts/phone numbers and then quickly schedule and send text messages to hundreds of customers all at once.  Don’t let that customer leave without giving you her phone number!  Just a text message to say Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas will bring a whole lot more customers.

$150 Consultation Service.  Our flat fee is $150 for up to 2 hours of consultation.  

SMS Service & Cost.   After the consultation, you have the options to do it on your own by opening an account directly with one of the SMS service providers that we recommended based on your needs or we can help manage your account on your behalf.  The cost per text message is varied running from 2 cents per text to 5 cents per text depending on how many you send. We will discuss it more in detail. Please contact us using this CONTACT US FORM.


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